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  • Users are prohibited from copying, distributing, communicating, dispensing, demonstrating, changing, generating plagiaristic works from, trade or contributing in any sale of or deed in any way, in complete or in portion, any of the Contents, the web portal or any associated software

Offensive Material

  • You acknowledge that by using this web portal or any services offered on the web portal, you may come across Content that may be reckoned by some to be violent, offensive, or unpleasant, which may or may not be recognized as such.
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  • This User Agreement is operative except, and up to the time of termination by either the user or
  • You may lay off this User Agreement at any time, provided that you terminate any extra use of this Site. may terminate this User Agreement at any time and may do so instantly without notice, and consequently negate you access to the Site. Such termination will be without any liability to
  • Due to unauthorized use of the web portal, may terminate this User Agreement at any time and may do so instantly without notice, and consequently negate your access to the web portal. Such termination will be without any liability to
  • Upon any termination of the User Agreement, user should as soon as possible terminate all resources downloaded or else acquired from this web portal, as well as all copies of such resources, whether made under the User Agreement or else.
  • Upon termination, user's obligation to pay for the product previously ordered from the web portal will not be affected and the user shall pay Fatafatbuy for all products or services ordered till date of termination

Limitation of Liability and Disclaimers

  • The web portal does not offer any warranties or guarantees. The rule of caveat emptor applies to all activities. The products shall be handed over by the web portal to the user in an "As Is" condition. You must abide by the risks related with the use of the Web portal.
  • The web portal also offers content from additional Internet sites or means and while attempts to make sure that content displayed on the web portal is truthful, trustworthy and of high quality, it cannot take accountability for the same.
  • shall not be held accountable for any mistakes or errors or for the consequences achieved from the use of information provided on the web portal nor for any technical problems users would experience while using the web portal.
  • or its merchants shall not be accountable for any unintended, incidental, distinct, supplementary, resulting or typical damages, comprising but not restricted to, indemnities for loss of profits, goodwill, use, documents or other immaterial fatalities ascending out of or in association with the web portal, its services or the terms and conditions mentioned herein.
  • At no point will the total obligation of for all accountabilities ascending out of the terms and conditions and other stipulations provided herein, in offense or agreement be greater than the value of the product, ordered by the user.
  •, its allies and technology partners make no depictions or guarantees about the precision, dependability, totality, accuracy and/or suitability of any content, information, software, text, graphics, links or communications delivered on or through the use of the web portal.
  • undertakes no obligation whatsoever for any financial or other mutilation suffered by you on justification of the deferral, miscarriage, disturbance, or corruption of any data or other information communicated in association with use of the web portal; and/or any disruption or mistakes in the operation of the web portal.


You are forbidden from tampering with the security of the web portal that may include (but not be restricted to) the following:

  • Retrieving data not proposed for you or logging into a server or an account of which you are not an approved user;
  • Making any attempt to hinder the service to any other operator, host or network, web portal by doing any act which results in overloading, "flooding," "spamming," "mail bombing" or "crashing;"
  • Directing uninvited email, counting advertisings and/or promoting products or services; or
  • Falsifying any TCP/IP packet header or any part of the header information in any email or newsgroup posting.
  • Damages to system or network security. shall inspect unauthorized incidents and may encompass, and work together with law enforcement authorities in taking legal action against abusers of the web portal.
  • Users shall not use any device, software to hinder or make any efforts to obstruct the appropriate functioning of this web portal or any action being directed on this web portal.
  • You come to an understanding, further, not to use or try to use any apparatus, software, instrument, agent or other device or tool (like browsers, robots, avatars or intelligent agents etc.) to search this web portal other than the search engine and search agents accessible from a. Further, users may not use web browsers other than usually accessible third party web browsers (e.g., Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Explorer).

Entire Agreement

  • If any part of this contract is determined to be illegal or unenforceable pursuant to law, the guarantee disclaimers and obligation restrictions set forth above, then the illegal or unenforceable endowment will be considered to be over-written by the legal, enforceable provision that most narrowly counterparts the intent of the inventive provision and the rest of the agreement shall remain in effect.
  • Except as stated herein, this agreement sets up the whole contract between the user and with admiration to the services and it succeeds all previous or concurrent communications and suggestions, whether electrical, verbal or printed, concerning you and with reference to the services.
  •'s let-down to act with admiration to a breach by you or others does not surrender its right to act with admiration to following or related breaches.


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