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KENT Mini Water Softners

Brand Name : KENT

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MRP : 6000 5700
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Product Feature :
  • KENT Mini Water softener should be wall mounted next to the washing machine/ dishwasher/ geyser
  • It is very easy to install and operate
  • Due to its compact design, it can be fitted easily to all types of household appliances
  • To regenerate, all you have to do is to put special regeneration salt (marketed by KENT) in the upper chamber of the softener. The salt regenerates the resin beads installed in the purifier. These resin beads then convert hard water into soft water by exchanging hard salts of Calcium and Magnesium with Sodium. The regeneration is required after treating 150-200 ltrs of hard water (based on hardness of water)
  • Equipped with a unique valve, it can be regenerated in minutes
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Make Hard Water Soft
Generate extra lather for superior washing & bathing


  • There is no need to call a technician for putting salts
  • KENT Mini Water softener should be wall mounted next to the washing machine/ dishwasher/ geyser

Recommended Installation



L380 W270 H505


1.2 litre resin


4.2 kg

Flow Rate

120 LPH

Colour/ Finish



KENT TECHNOLOGY: KENT BRAND ADVANTAGEWe are a 21st century healthcare products company with a vision for making the world a healthy and a happy family. Our mission is to produce innovative healthcare products that purify the water we drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe, thus help people live healthier. For us, bringing healthcare products to you is more than just a business, it is a passion. In fact, the most prominent purpose of our existence.

Pioneer in bringing revolutionary Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology to India, KENT started its operations from Noida, India in 1999. Despite a humble beginning, today KENT is a strong organization with offices spread across India. Most importantly, today KENT has lakhs of satisfied customers to its credit worldwide.

KENT RO Systems Ltd. has always been a forerunner with technology and quality. Time and again, it’s products have proved their standards and delighted the consumers.

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KENT Mini Water Softners

MRP : 6000 5700

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